This page will deal first the foremost contemporary opponent of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and itemized objections to the Adventist Faith.  While they accuse Seventh-day Adventist of teaching doctrines that are not biblical those very accusation themselves show that it is the Proclamation movement that is teachings unbiblical and unsound doctrines under the camouflage of  true "Christian" doctrine.

While Adventist are accused of "cultic doctrines" it is rather Proclamation that is "cultic" in their doctrines.

Dale Ratslaff

"Adventist Don't Believe in Hell?"  Ratslaft Doesn't Believe the word of God!  Rastlaff believes Satan has eternal life and denies the gospel of John 3:16.

Paul Cardin
Progressive Revelation
Will the Real Cult Please Stand Up
Truth of Consequences

Colleen Tinker
The Gospel? Confused About Salvation
The Scapegoat and Satan - Sin in the Sanctuary?
"Soul Sleep" False Conception of Biblical Truth
Ellen G. White Spiritual Gifts and the True Work of the  Holy Spirit


The Cannon of the Bible and the Work of the Prophets

First we will deal with the foundational accusation the the Doctrine of the Sanctuary is "the most colossal, psychological, fac-saving phenomenon in religious history. . . We personally do not believe that there is even a suspicion of a verse in Scripture to sustain a peculiar position, and we believe

The False Doctrine of "ONE God-Only The Fatherism"
Anti-Seventh-day Adventist Church Organization - Defectors of the Faith 
Once Delivered Unto the Saints.

The Anti-Trinitarianism Begottenist
Begottenism Theology

The follow websites claim to be the true Seventh-day Adventists while condeming the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist World Church as  being "a new organization" because of the organization's #2 Fundamental Doctrine of the Faith - The TRINITY.

Each of the following websites REJECT the Autority of the Bible, and the Bible ALONE as the only basis of faith (what we are to believe) and doctrine (what we are to teach), and the basis of all REFORMS.

The Third Angels Message
4573 Line 5 North
RR#1 Hillsdale, Ontario, L0L 1V0

Smyrna Gospel Ministries
HC 64 Box 128B,
Welch, WV 24801 U.S.A
"Pastor" Allen Stump

Maranatha Media -"In honor of the Father and His Son"
Adrien Ebens, Gary Hullquist, Frank Klin, Terry Hill, Michael Delaney,
Johnathan Otto

The Prophets Still Speaks United Kingdom
Terry Hill

The Anit-Trinitarian Begottenism Theology of these websites CANNOT be proved from the Bible and the Bible ALONE. And they neither believe in the Biblical Doctrine of God or the Biblical Doctrine of Christ.

The following Biblical Investigation and Analysis expossed the false doctrine of these Anti-Seventh-day Adventist Cults.