Pastor Richard P. Mendoza, M.Div, B.A. Religion & Biblical Languages

I am currently a pastor of three Seventh-day Adventist churches in Michigan.  I am an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister and have been serving as a pastor in the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists since September of 1993.  I received a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) in June of 1993 from Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Berrien Springs, MI. (1990-1993). In June of 1993 I received a Bachelors in Religion and Biblical Languages from Biblical Studies Institute in South Dakota.  I had spent 3 years working on this degree at the Black Hills Missionary College and Health and Education Institute. (1985-1990).

Previous to the above I received my High School education from Mapleton High School in Denver, Colorado. (1979).  I became a Seventh-day Adventist  after attending a series of Revelation Lectures by evangelist Don Shelton.  I was baptised into the Northglenn Seventh-day Adventists Church on Sabbath (Saturday) October 23, 1981.

Before receiving an invitation to attend the Revelation Lectures (by way of a mailed flyer delivered by the postman) I was heavily involved in a progressive rock band and living the lifestyle of a "party animal" (following the depraved carnal heart).  I quit the band and the rock lifestyle after hearing two cassette tapes on rock music from Eagles Nest Ministry in Calf.  The same week (Sunday night) I quite the rock band was the very same week (on Saturday night) that I started attending the Revelation Lectures, and I never missed even one night.  (To read the rest of my personal testimony of how Jesus Christ delivered me at the age of 21 from rock music see my personal  testimony page).

Since attending my very first Revelation Lecture I have always had a deep interest in the book of Revelation because it declares with great boldness that it is a Revelation of Jesus Christ.  No other book in the entire Bible makes such a claim.  Although all the other books of the Holy Bible reveal Jesus Christ, for Jesus said "Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life; but they are they which testify of me,"  (John 5:39),  the book of Revelation is the ONLY book that makes prominent in its very first line that it IS a Revelation of Jesus Christ.  This has been the most outstanding lesson I have learned about the book of Revelation and I am committed to doing my best to help everyone who comes within the sphere of my influence to see this more and more clearly.

Since 2000 until 2011 I have been holding my own public series of presentations on the great prophecies of the Books of Daniel and Revelation, which require the study of ALL the other books of the Bible.  I find great joy in searching and researching the great themes of the Bible, "yea, the deep things of God," (2 Corinthians 2:10-16), in digging deeper into the original Biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and letting these have their full reign of influence.  I find great joy also in writing about my research, analysis, and findings that I have been doing for more than 25 years now (February, 2008). 

I also have a intense interest in the realm of Christian music and its influence in regard to Christian worship.  I have developed a series of presentations on "Contemporary Trends in Music & Worship" in which I examine the issues involved with the modern trends among Christians to incorporate varies styles of music into the worship of a Holy God.

I also have a great interest in researching current issues regarding the Seventh-day Adventists Church and those who oppose her fundamental as well as her unique Biblical doctrines.  The unique doctrines of the Adventist faith has fueled the inspiration to work on a website that publically deals with current objections from other denominations as well as former Seventh-day Adventist ministers and members.

Therefore, it is essential to make the following understanding of Adventist doctrine absolutely clear, so as to leave no question as to what Seventh-day Adventists really believe and teach regarding the Bible and its teaching, and Seventh-day Adventist's views regarding other Christian denominations and other Christians in general;

While believing that there are Christians in other denominations, I am committed to being a Seventh-day Adventist and belonging to this denomination because this is the only church that I have found so far, out of ALL of the various denominations and their doctrinal teachings, to be in perfect harmony with the testimony of the written Word of God.  I arrived and this conclusion after examining their doctrines, and having repeatedly analyzed, scrutinized, and tested them by the unerring standard of the Holy Bible.  I am satisfied that ALL of the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have been proven to reflect the doctrinal truth of the Sacred Scriptures.  Of all the other denominations that there are, there is not one of them that has not some form of unbiblical teaching incorporated into their church doctrines. Their doctrines are NOT "sound doctrine" but are a mixture of TRUTH and error, human traditions, and doctrines of mere men.  I desire be part of a church that accepts and teaches the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH.

I believe I have found the Seventh-day Adventist Church to be the very best option available. And until something better comes along I will stay with this Christian denomination. PLEASE NOTE; This is NOT to say that the other church denominations are not "Christian" or that there are no Christians in them, but rather, that not all the various "doctrinal teachings"of these churches are sustained by the Word of God and can be proven to be the Bible truth.

Biblical Investigations and all of its content. represents my best and current understanding of what the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a denomination teaches.  This site is NOT an official church website, nor should it be taken as the voice of the "denomination."  This site is my personal website and the content reflects my personal understanding views.  I am only one of many Seventh-day Adventist ministers.  I do not speak for all of them, nor do I speak for all the members.  As a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by way of being an officially employed and ordained minister of this denomination, I am trying my very best to speak in behalf of the Church denomination of which I am a member.  I am NOT an official spokesperson for the denomination.  That role is held by those who have been employed by the denomination at different levels of the church structure as directed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and its relative Divisions, Unions, and Conferences. Yet, still I am a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and I am obligated to teach what are the fundamental views of the church. 

The views expressed on this website are my own, Richard P. Mendoza, and I take full responsibility for their accuracy.  I also, am quite aware of the weakness of my human nature and the tendencies that make me prone to error, misunderstanding, and short-sightedness.  Therefore, I am open to all corrections, suggestions, criticism of my expressions and of my representations of other's views.  I do not claim to have "ALL the truth" on any matter, but I simply seek the truth, and seek to proclaim my understanding of truth as it is at this point in my journey and quest for God's truth-"Thy Word is Truth."  John 17:17.

Sincerely seeking the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth,

Pastor Richard P. Mendoza 

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